The Beginnings of El Gran Concierto

By Ed Marsh, Producer, Marsh Productions, Inc.

Our orchestra was specifically composed of hand-picked Mexican and American professional symphony musicians, all led by the famous Querétaro Philharmonic Orchestra conductor, Maestro José Guadalupe Flores – a dear man with the heart of a true mariachi. Great for Mexican-American relations which have been suffering for too many years.

Bringing Mariachi Vargas here to Rosarito Beach in 2013 (for the first time in their 120 year history), I was amazed and encouraged by the tremendous response of the thousands in attendance for Vargas’ first and second concerts here.

But now, only the beautiful new Baja Convention Center could handle the grandeur of El Gran Concierto – with a giant stage and seating for 5,000 people, plus 500 front row VIP dinner table settings. With tasteful décor, stage sets and the beauty of Ballet Folklórico dancers in full dress, our dreams came true at last: El Gran Concierto de Gala del Mariachi!

All to be fully recorded and ready to share with the world. I salute you for taking part in this historic event.


About El Gran Concierto