Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitalán is founded by Don Gaspar Vargas as a quintet.

Mariachi Vargas First Generation
Mariachi Vargas second generation

Led by Don Gaspar’s son, Silvestre; expanded to an octet. During which time they were:

  • First Mariachi to “…dress in charros and show up on time (and sober) for performance.”
  • Appointed the Official Mariachi of Mexico City Police Department
  • Signed to an exclusive recording contract with RCA, adding a trumpet (the famed Miguel Martinez) and classically-trained violinist (a nineteen-year-old Rubén Fuentes) to their line-up, and appearing in their first of over 200 motion pictures.

Rubén Fuentes ceases performing and takes over as Musical Director, ably assisted by Rigoberto Alfaro and Jesús Rodríguez de Hijar. Release of Fuentes’ epic La Negra, followed by the classic La Bikina.

Mariachi Vargas third generation

The group consists of one harp, vihuela, guitar, guitarron, three trumpets, and six violins. José “Pepe” Martínez appointed as Musical Director in dual leadership with Rubén Fuentes. Vargas headlines the first-ever International Mariachi Conference. Fifty recordings are released and widely acclaimed. The Fuentes-Martínez team collaborate with Linda Ronstadt to produce the best-selling, Grammy Award winner Canciones de mi Padre. Vargas celebrates its 100th Anniversary as “El Mejor Mariachi Del Mundo.” 

In collaboration with the Querétaro Philharmonic Orchestra brilliantly directed by Maestro José Guadalupe Flores, Vargas releases three ground-breaking recordings of orchestral mariachi: Sinfónico I,II & III. “Pepe” Martínez composes and releases the world’s first two mariachi operas. Famed for their Fuentes-Martínez arrangements, Vargas performs globally with celebrated regional orchestras, including Mexico, United States, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Japan, et al.

Mariachi Vargas 5th Generation
Mariachi Vargas 6th Generation

El Gran Concierto marks the first time a 65-piece bi-national orchestra accompanies Vargas with its new Musical Director, Carlos Martínez. Their first US album to be recorded and released.